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Title:   Little Ring Tone Duet
Instrumentation:Oboe & Cell Phone(or other)
Completion Date: 2/11/05
Duration: 0:34
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Title: Anigraphical Etude #6
Instrumentation:  various
Duration: Various
Animated Interactive  HTML
Completion Date: 1/2/02


Title: Anigraphical Etude #5
ElectroAcousitic Study

Postcards to Peter Max
English Horn & Computer (MP3)
Duration: 3:18
Interactive Animated  HTML
Completion Date: 9/4/02


SAVE  Windows 95/98/NT/ME Executable Program for later performance - (491KB)

Postcards to Peter Max
English Horn, Piano, Cymbals
Duration: ca 3 min
Completion Date: 3/5/02
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Title: Anigraphical Etude #4
       Solo Trumpet in Bb
Duration: Various
Interactive Aleatoric HTML
Completion Date: 9/1/01

Title: Anigraphical Etude #3
Subtitle: Study in Duet
Duration: Various
Interactive Aleatoric HTML
Completion Date: incomplete

Title: Anigraphical Etude #2
Instrumentation: Piano
Duration: Various
Animated Interactive  HTML
Completion Date: 3/30/01

Title: Anigraphical Etude #1
Instrumentation: Solo Wind
(Oboe, Sax., Cl. or Other)
Completion Date: 9/27/00
Duration: Various
Animated Interactive HTML

Title: Intro and Wayang Wong
Instrumentation: Digital Signal Processed Instruments
Completion Date: 8/24/00
Duration: ca 5' 35"

Title: Breakfast with Ganymede
Instrumentation:Signal Processed Sounds
Completion Date: 5/23/00
Duration: ca 5 min.

Title: Icicles of Rinnoji
Instrumentation:Solo Piano
App Completion Date: 12/2011
1st Sketch:5/23/00 Withdrawn     Duration: ca 12 min.

Title: Everest In the Street
 An Opera
Instrumentation: Fl., Ob./Eh., Fh., Drum Set, Leslee Organ, Cmptr., Vln., Vlc.
Completion Date: In Progress

Title: Spring of Teals
          for Symphony Orchestra
Instrumentation:3/3/3/3 - 4/3/1/1 - Timp./2P- Harp - Leslee Org.- El. Bass - Strings
Completion Date: 6/14/97
Duration: ca 15 min.

Title: The Finish Line
                    for Orchestra
Instrumentation: 3/3/3/3 - 4/3/3/1 - Timp./(2-8)P - Pn.- Hp.- Strings
Completion Date: 1/96
Duration: 6 min.

Title: Monsenor Frente's Brief Drive Home
Instrumentation: String Quartet
Completion Date: 6/14/95
1st Performance:8/95
          Oregon Bach Festival
Verdi String Quartet, Germany
Duration: 4.5'
Tape: DAT only

Title: Compañeros
Instrumentation: Two Guitars
Completion Date: 3/14/95
Duration: 8'
Tape: Computer Approx.
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Title: String Qte. No. 1
Instrumentation: String Quartet
Completion Date: 12/6/94
3 Movements
Duration: 18'
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Title: September 19, 1992 Dimitris & Paula's Wedding
Instrumentation: Fl., Ob., Steel String Guitar, Harp
Completion Date: 9/19/92
Duration: 4'

Title: The Fourth Movement
Instrumentation: Violoncello and Piano
Completion Date: 7/14/92
Duration: 6'
1st Performance: 7/16/92
Aspen Contemporary Chamber Players
Aspen Music Festival
Tape: yes

Title: The Passings Symphony
2/2/2/2 - 2/2 - T/P - Strings
Completion Date: March 91
Duration: 16'
1st Performance:
5/16/91, Walnut Creek Center for the Arts
5/20/91, S.F. War Memorial Opera House
Commission: San Francisco Chamber Symphony
Jean - Louis LeRoux Music
Tape: yes
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Title: Radio Free Shakespeare
Instrumentation: Midi Realization
Completion Date: Jan 91
Duration: 9'
Background music to National Public Radio clip.
Tape: yes

Title: "Was ist Sylvia?"
Instrumentation: C program and computer realized
tape utilizing Linear Predictive Coding.
Completion Date: Dec. 90
Studio: Brooklyn College Computer Music Center
Equipment: SUN Computer, Csound
Duration: 8' 30"
Tape: yes

Title: Two Violins, Trumpet in Bb, and Piano
Instrumentation: 2 Vln., Tpt., Piano
Completion Date: Sept. 90
Duration: 8'
1st Performance: 4/28/91 Merkin Hall, NY
Commission: Stony Brook Chamber Players
Raymond DesRoches and Gilbert Kalish, Co-Dir.

Title: Chopstix!
Instrumentation: Two Pianos
Completion Date: July  90
Duration: 4'
1st Performance: 10/10/91
COMPOSERS' FORUM, Levinson Hall, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Anthony De MareKathleen Supove Pianists
Tape: Midi realization
Awards: New Music New Composers

Title: RANDab
'C' program and computer realized tape.
Completion Date: Jan  88
Duration: 11'
1st Performance: 1/30/88 Computer Music Concert, Pick-Staiger Hall
Tape: yes

Title: Charcoal Sketches
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet
Completion Date: Jan 17 88
Duration: 5'
1st Performance: 1/24/88
Tape: yes